Friday, November 22, 2013

Loon Mountain - Early Season Visit

Time to knock another mountain off the list, early season style!

Golden snow showers, facing east, late afternoon at Loon Mountain. 
Surprise update! I got another day of early season runs in on Tuesday (11/19/13). I was not exactly planning on hitting up any other mountains until after Gunstock opens (on Dec 6th, if anyone is wondering), but Loon Mountain was offering 29 dollar lift tickets, and I just so happened to have nothing to do, so I figured what the hell. Again, I do feel like I am cheating a little bit, but I have been to Loon many times, and I know that its one of Newschoolers favorite locations, so it will get plenty of coverage anyway from other people later on in the season

Monday, November 18, 2013

Impressions - Warren Miller's Ticket to Ride

Over the weekend I got to see Warren Miller's newest film, Ticket to Ride.  It was at a local theater near by and all the proceeds went to a local childrens hospital. On top of that it came with 4 tickets to local mountains who were sponsoring the event, so it sounded like a pretty good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Opening Day - Bretton Woods!

Welcome to the first mountain post/review!

This past weekend (11/9/13), my season began! Bretton Woods was the first mountain to both open within a reasonable driving distance to me, and have a reasonable price for such early season conditions. They were celebrating their 40th anniversary so a ticket was about 20 dollars. I will admit, I do feel I am kind of cheating on my list here, counting this as my visit to Bretton Woods, but considering how tight I am on time to get everything done, I am going to count it. If I have a chance, I will return here, but seeing as I visited it late last season, I think we will be alright.

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Grand Tour of New England Skiing!

The Grand Tour of New England Skiing!

Whats up Internet?

I would like to introduce everyone to my version of the Grand Tour of New England Skiing (GTNS). I will be (hopefully) hitting 30 of New England's biggest ski resorts, in a single season. This all started as just something I was going to do this winter. I figure this will likely be the last season I have before I have a real, full time job, so I might as well abuse my ski-instructor reciprocity privileges I get from being a full time ski-instructor. I have never been to many of the mountains in ME or VT, and being able to say I did everything 'major' in New England in one season seems like something I want to say I did in my life. Doing it for close to free is even better!